Find the best composition with the Zoomfinder.

The Zoomfinder is a viewfinder for designers and artists. The Zoomfinder has a holding sheet with a track and a sliding sheet that has been cut a special way to form two openings; a rectangle and a square. 

When the sliding sheet moves left, the size of rectangle becomes smaller maintaining the same ratio of width and height. The ratio is the same as a standard watercolor paper 22X30. 

If sliding sheet moves further to the left, the square opening will be come to form and the size will become gradually larger. See the diagram below. In both cases, the ratio of width and height are maintained, just like in a camera viewfinder.

Either on location or with a photograph the Zoomfinder is very helpful in finding the best composition. While sliding the Zoomfinder on a photo you can change the size of the opening; allowing you to zoom in or zoom out. Stop at the composition of your choice and affix with tape. 

Great composition is the key to successful art work. The impact of strong composition is loud and clear. The best artists' work consist of a strong composition. Strong compositions are hidden treasure in nature. You have to search for it and cut it like diamond to make a jewel.

Some artists think their painting is no good because of their technique, but usually it's just the composition. Once you have a great composition, you'll have the best chance for success. The more you play with the Zoomfinder, the more you will improve your design skills.